So, this isn’t the post about the Dark Sun races. Still planning on getting to that later today. A couple of more administrative, “blogging about this blog” kind of things I wanted to toss out there.

First of all, to everyone following this blog (both of you), you might notice the blogroll on the right has been expanded. Stuff like that’s going to happen intermittently – I’m also planning on, eventually, getting some basic static pages (About this Blog, About the Author, Contact Me, etc.) cranked out when I get the time and inclination to do so. But this time, it’s the links list – which has gone from two to seven. So I figured I should introduce my new guests:

I’m primarily aware of Critical Hits as a D&D4E podcast that I haven’t listened to yet, but am going to ASAP. Unfortunately my monthly bandwidth allotment is throttled up here in the Northwest Territories, so I have to keep an eye on how much stuff I download monthly. I’ve only given their stuff a cursory glance, but I’m planning on digging deep from here on out.

Glen Thoughts was already on the links list, but I never mentioned it. However, if you’re reading this blog at the current time, my pageview statistics suggest a 50/50 chance that you either are Glen, or are my ex-girlfriend (and thus you know Glen). So, you know, not going to spend a huge amount of time on this one. Glen, celebrated in my very first post Glen, has a blog. It’s called Glen Thoughts. It’s mostly about nerd culture and living in China, though currently it’s very much focused on the NHL.

I only became aware of Mike’s D&D Blog today, meaning like Critical Hits, I haven’t had a chance to read that deeply yet. However, my first awareness of Mike’s writing came from his informing me of novelty soaps shaped like d20’s and Han Solo frozen in carbonite. So, you know, I’m buying Mike a beer if I ever meet him. Which is unlikely. But, dude. Han Solo soap. Dude.

Continuing the trend of “I haven’t read it but I want to,” allow me to introduce the RPG Blog II. I’m not even sure of the operator’s name, as I can’t find an “About the Blog/Author” page, but the topics raised are interesting. Anyone who knows Brian the Nerd knows I’m into the theory behind roleplaying games, as much as mechanics or the games themselves. So to see a blog promoting discussion on a wide-range of interesting topics relevant to the hobby is something I can absolutely get behind.

And finally there’s Eric Burns’ blog, Websnark. To steal another man’s phrase, I know from Websnark (stolen from Websnark, who stole it from Sorkin). Sadly enough, these days Websnark’s pretty much a dead blog. But I link to it for three reasons. Firstly, Websnark was the first blog I ever subscribed to and in many ways is responsible for my interest in blogging in general. Secondly, Eric Burns’ writing style is absolutely a significant influence on my own writing (I’d probably put him in the top three, but saying that for certain would require more in-depth analysis than I have time for this morning). Thirdly, posting about Eric Burns gives me an excuse to email him to tell him there’s a blog post up about him (something I feel is appropriately polite to do when writing about anyone), which will also provide me with an opportunity to thank him for his years of writing and that I very much regret not ever having gotten involved in the discussion community over there while it was still going on.

You’ll notice that almost all the blogs I mentioned, other than Websnark and Glen Thoughts, have similar description – “looks good, but I don’t know for sure.” One of the things I decided I wanted to do, when I started this blog, was get more involved in the blogosphere. Actually take part in commentary. Read more blogs. Develop relationships with other writers. I realized this morning that that isn’t just going to magically happen on its own. So I hunted up some gaming blogs with Google, and these ones stuck out. I also became aware of the RPG Bloggers Network, so I don’t think I’ll have trouble finding more blogs when I’m caught up on these guys.

Oh, one last administrative note: I’m probably going to cut down on the “next time I’m going to cover X” previews at the end of my posts. Doing that sort of obligates me to write about something specific, which I may not want to write about when I actually sit down later on. And, at least in my case, the best way to ensure I don’t stop keeping up with this blog is to keep my options as wide open as possible.