Vacation Notice

In one sense, the timing could be better. But, to be completely honest, the timing couldn’t be better.

I’ve not mentioned it here before, but I live in a remote town called Inuvik which is located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Inuvik is inside the Arctic Circle. Which means, among other things, the sun hasn’t actually gone down for about three weeks now.

Perpetual sunlight may protect you from vampires, but is sure fucks up your head.

On top of that I am going back to school, taking a full load of online college courses through the British Columbia Institute of Technology. In between the sun never going down and me working myself ragged, I need to get the fuck out of town. I’m stressed, exhausted, and despite living in Canada have not tasted Tim Horton’s coffee since September. This situation is unacceptable.

My brain-dead, stressed-out state is why the second part of my Dark Sun races post is taking its sweet time in getting done. I’ve sat down to write it twice now – both times with a brain too fried to get it done. I’m hoping to try again tomorrow with better results.

Anyways, the real point of the post is this: the road’s are now open, which means I’m hopping in the SUV and barreling down the Dempster Highway, full speed to Whitehorse. It’s not a big city, but at least it’s a proper city. One where I can get a Big Mac, a Double-Double, and a new set of headphones for my iPod. I’ll be gone a week, give or take.

Stopping updates for a week (and really two, if I count my somewhat lackluster showing this week) isn’t the best thing for a burgeoning blog, but it can’t be helped. If I don’t get on the road, my brain will go poof. If there’s good WiFi in the hotel, and my head is clear enough to write, you’ll hear from me on the road. Otherwise, you’ll hear from me when I get back.


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  1. ” road’s ” = roads. It’s just plural, not belonging to someone.

    Your EIC

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