Shameless Plugs

Shameless Plug of the Week!

So, I’m back from my vacation and thoroughly refreshed, and ready to resume my bloggy ways. I’m sort of buried under a massive pile of schoolwork, but I knew that was going to happen. My goal is to not let that affect my output here – whether that’s realistic I can’t say, but that’s the goal anyways.

Alright, so, this post marks a new ‘feature’ on the City-State of Balic – the Shameless Plug of the Week! Basically, I’m going to plug things I think are cool or worth checking out – since I typically won’t be affiliated with whatever I’m plugging, I’m not sure if it’s all that shameless or not, but whatever. “The Plug of the Week” just doesn’t sound as good.

This week, I’ve got three things to plug:

Mike, of the aptly-named Mike’s D&D Blog has a pretty good post up about food. Now, I like food – I like taste and texture, I like trying to pick the right salad to go with the right main course, I like trying to figure out what wine will go best with what meal. I’m (at best) an amateur gourmand. But reading his post made me realize that I typically ignore food when creating my characters – and that food preferences are the sort of thing that every person has, and can really give a character some personality. So good on him for raising the point.

The last two pretty much go together. If you’re online, and into roleplaying and other geek endeavors, I have to assume you’re familiar with Penny Arcade. Well, the latest episode of their pseudo-reality TV series (Penny Arcade: The Series) is about Dungeons & Dragons and is a pretty interesting look at four different people’s take on the hobby. Secondly on the Penny Arcade menu, you might notice that the four guys featured in the episode are playing through a 4th Edition Dark Sun adventure – well they’ve recorded it, and are making it available as a podcast. The first five episodes (of, I believe, eight) are already up. Definitely worth checking out.