A real conversation

“Oh, I read your latest blog stuff,” she said, voice buzzing the way all voices do when you’re in the Arctic Circle and the person speaking isn’t.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“Yeah.” I waited for more, but apparently that was it.

“So, what’d you think?” More silence. Tense. Awkward. Finally, I spoke again: “Didn’t like it, huh?”

“Well, no, I like your writing. The stuff about Glen and Chris was good, and funny, but then your other stuff…”


“Well it’s just all about the whole Dark Sun thing.” I was sort of stunned for a second, before blurting out:

“The blog’s about Dark Sun!”

“I know, I know. And it seemed well written but it was just, well…boring.”

That’s pretty much the gist of a phone conversation I had with Krystal – City-State of Balic’s self-proclaimed Editor-in-Chief, and ex-girlfriend-extraordinaire. Don’t for a second let her disinterest in Dark Sun fool you – Krystal’s a geek. She wasn’t when I met her, not really, but five years in a relationship with me took care of that right quick.

Bet you didn’t know that Geek was a sexually transmitted disease, did you? Well it is – and I gave her a pretty serious case of Hepatitis G.

(Okay, so it turns out that Hepatitis G is a real thing, so let me be clear – my ex-girlfriend does not actually have an STD. My use of the term Hepatitis G was meant to be a teasing allusion to the fact that I turned her into a geek. Oh, wordplay! See how you trick me into slandering my ex? See how you get me in trouble! Naughty wordplay!)

Krystal’s probably my biggest fan, and even though we’ve parted ways she’s always quick to pick up a pair of pompoms and cheer-lead any writing endeavor I might be undertaking. She was even very clear that just because she finds Dark Sun tedious and boring, that’s just her, and I should keep writing about it if I’m having fun.

Well, I am having fun, and I am going to keep writing about Dark Sun. I mean, this blog is named after Dark Sun. But I’m also finding myself wanting to write more about roleplaying in general, tell some more funny stories and anecdotes, talk about campaigns I’d like to run, ideas I’m developing – campaigns and ideas that won’t all revolve around the scorched world of Athas.

So I’m going to. I mean, realistically, I’ve got – at the very most – 34 people following this blog. Less than that, really, since that’s my total visits ever. If I’m going to redefine what this blog is (though I prefer to think of it as refocusing, but whatever), better now than later when I might have many more people coming here just for Dark Sun stuff.


4 thoughts on “A real conversation

  1. ooo I have a new acronym! EICEGE (it’s actually fun to say out loud). I may name my character in your chronicle that. And as an aside, I appreciate you stressing that I do NOT have an STD, and that your demon seed merely spawned a pestulant geekflower within my soul for you to cultivate over the years.


    1. /facepalm

      Apropos of nothing, thank you for reinforcing for me why I need to adjust this blog’s settings so commenters have to register. So watch out – pretty soon you’ll need to pick just one name.

      And I assumed you meant pestilent?

  2. Yeah, probably. But I like my way better. You need to call the dictionary people and have that changed. It sounds a lot more nasty the way I spelled it.


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