Spam, Egg, Spam, Spam, Bacon, and Spam

Success motherfuckers! Looks like I’ve broken into the big time. Well, the not-so-small time, really.

What am I talking about? The spambots have discovered this humble blog, and have decided my comment forums are fertile ground in which to plant a bunch of shit nobody’s interested in. Gonna have us a bumper crop of penile enlargement pills and miracle weight-loss diets this harvest season. You’ll see.

Or we would, if not for askimet.

So that’s why, at the bottom of the last World Workshop posting, you don’t see any ads for London Subways maps of all the bloody things to advertise. Stupid spammers. Nevertheless, another milestone achieved.

Alright, back to my schoolwork. I’ll be cranking out another post after the weekend though. See you all then.