The Steward of Balic – Let’s just hope he doesn’t go batshit and light himself on fire

It used to be that when you were going on a trip, you asked your friends or neighbors to water your plants and maybe feed your cat. These days, things can be a little more complicated. See, I don’t have any plants and I don’t have any pets. But I do have something that needs maintenance and attention, and regular infusions of nerd-love.

This blog.

I’ve mentioned before that I started writing this thing not because I had anything to say to the world, or an idea I wanted to share, or even the arrogant desire to pontificate aloud as though I were an authority on some niche of the geek hierarchy, but rather to reconnect with an old friend. That other people might be interested was something that occurred to me as a possibility, but I dismissed it as unlikely. Turns out that I was wrong.

Just to put things in perspective, since my last post (DS4e – An Open Letter) this blog’s total per day views are just shy of fifty people. That’s not something I’m bragging about, because I honestly don’t know if those numbers are impressive or pathetic in the grand scheme of things. Certainly I don’t believe I’m now giving competition to Penny-Arcade or Critical Hits. But I’ve only actually told three people about this blog – and, as far as I know, only two of them have actually visited it – so, if nothing else, this blog has been a personal success.

And now, naturally, I’m going to abandon it. Not really, but on Thursday (July 29) I plan on loading all my shit into the car and leaving town. Four days later I’ll be rolling into Saskatchewan with my father and getting him set up in his new place. A couple days after that I’ll be boarding a plane and heading back to Ontario, my year-long adventure in the Arctic Circle complete. For at least a couple of days after I land, I expect to be busy getting settled and reconnecting with old friend. All of which adds up to mean that I don’t expect to be doing much blogging from here on out – for the next 2+ weeks its all about packing, moving and settling.

Which is why I’ve asked my oft-discussed friend, Glen, to sort of fill in while I’m away. Like I said, once upon a time you asked your friends to water your plants. Now you ask them to update your blog. I’ve given him free reign to write and publish his own stuff. Just to be clear – there’s no schedule, he’ll update when he feels like it about what he feels like. I’m looking forward to reading what he’s got to say as much as you all do.

It’s also worth noting I’ve written a few extra posts in advance, which are set to auto-publish while I’m away. I’m hoping that between Glen’s keeping an eye on things and my “post buffer” there will still be lots here for you guys to read and enjoy. I expect to be back and posting in less than three weeks – as I know more specifics, I’ll post updates for everyone.