Colourful Characters – An Introduction

Your regularly scheduled blogger is currently unavailable for comment.  Please stand by…

As Brian stated a while ago, this blog is under (temporary) new management.  I am Glen, and I seem to be discussed a fair amount around these parts.  I do enjoy making an effort to read this blog, and not just because so many posts are about me, but also because Brian has always had some great insight into the game and has a wonderful imagination.  Oh yeah, and so many posts are about me.

I gave a fair amount of thought (read:   four to seven minutes on the toilet) as to what I would post here in Brian’s absence.  I thought about posting about Dark Sun, but I do have some hesitations about it.  Most of the games I ran on Athas were pretty early in my DMing days, and many of the adventures weren’t exactly cutting edge or new.  I love the setting and the concept, but to be perfectly honest, it never fully inspired me as a DM.  Now I don’t mean that as an insult at all.  I really don’t think that I have ever been truly and fully inspired by any campaign setting.  Dragon Lance, seemed to set in stone,  Forgotten Realms seemed too generic, and Ravenloft never quite gave me the jolt that I needed.  I think that I need a world unto my own.  A canvas to cover with my nerdy ambitions.

This is one of the reasons that I jumped so eagerly at joining Brian for our little side project, ahem…FuckedWorld (his title, not mine).  I love to create things of my own.  But Brian and I different in our approaches to world design.  He is very good at created broad, sweeping worlds with long tumultuous histories, and tomes of legends and lore for this new fictional place.  My style on the other hand is much simpler.  I figure out the place that I want to set the first dozen or so adventures, and build around that.

Wow…I just re-read what I’ve written so far, and I’m really starting to veer off topic.  I guess Brian’s tangential writing style is contagious.

Anyway, because I tend to think small in my campaign designing, I think that I am very good at creating something as a DM, recurring characters.  I tend to be pretty good at inventing entertaining and engaging characters that the PCs bump into time and time again.  I think that this is a very important step in building an interesting and interactive game world.  They also provide excellent motivation and hooks for adventures.  PCs are far more likely to jump to the aid of an elderly man that has sheltered them time and time again, than some randomly generated innkeeper.

So I have prepared to introduce you to four friends of mine in the coming days.  Sure they may be fictional, but that doesn’t stop them from being awesome.  They are an adventuring rival, a different kind of intelligent sword, an egotistical playwright, and a gnome who has had his sanity blown away to the wind.  All of these characters have been used in a campaign by me at one point or another (one in three separate campaigns actually).  They have all been a great pleasure to know over the years, and I hope that you enjoy their company in the coming days as well, and perhaps get to know them in a fantasy world near you.

Until next time,