State of the City-State

352 days. That’s the length of the delay between my most recent post on this blog, and the one before it. While not the longest lapse in blog updates I’ve ever seen, it’s still pretty significant – especially since that last post was me explaining how I intended to put my nose back to the grindstone after a 74 day lapse.

So, what happened? I’m going to gloss over it quickly because I don’t want to get hung up on what’s already happened – I’d rather focus on what’s going to happening from here on out.

So firstly, I was previously buried under schoolwork and regular work – and any extra time was being squeezed into actually managing, writing, and preparing for my weekly campaign, Balic Rising. That left me with very little time for blogging about it.

The second was that my then-girlfriend (who I’ve mentioned previously) and I split up in January. It was the opposite of good times, and blogging was pretty low on my priority list for quite awhile.

Thirdly, was the end of the Balic Rising campaign – including my ex, we lost two other members (one to a new, conflicting work schedule and my brother who moved out of province). With the party’s roster dropping from five to two, it was decided that scrapping the entire venture made more sense than trying to keep going mid-campaign.

There were other reasons for that decision too, that I’ll probably get into in a future post.

Now, present day: I’m finished with school, my work situation is much better (no more weekends or midnight shifts for me), giving me a fair amount of free time. I’m running a new campaign, The Chain Made Whole, which I kick-started sometime in January (or maybe early February).

I’m looking forward to getting back to blogging – I plan on updating once or twice a week, from here on out.

Good to be back. Sorry for my long absence, to anyone out there still listening.