About the Author

Me, Brian Murphy, with the DMG
This is me, with my Dungeon Master’s Guide.

The City-State of Balic is written and run by me, Brian Murphy. Hi there! I’m an opinionated loudmouth who sometimes runs roleplaying games and occasionally writes fiction. I started playing D&D in the late eighties, and its pretty much been downhill ever since. My first introduction to Dungeons & Dragons came from my lifelong friend Glen, at the tender age of seven. Those first few campaigns may not have been very nuanced (I seem to recall there being a Great Wyrm Blue Dragon in the party because…because dragon).

A picture of Rudy, my dog.
This is Rudy, on one of those many walks.

When I’m not running games, playing games, or blogging, I’m busy trying to get a four-year degree in three years (because I may secretly hate myself) or working one of a variety of jobs (currently I pull double duty as webmaster and social media…guy, for a local tourist attraction). I currently live in Medicine Hat, Alberta where I take my dog, Rudy, for many walks.

Rudy, my dog, with the DMG
This is Rudy, with my DMG> He is a cruel and capricious Dungeon Master. Be wary of death traps!

My geek resume is long, and I try to sink my teeth into anything that sounds interesting or cool – even if I know I’ll never get a chance to run it. I adore game design, and even when not actively running a game I still read rules material and often find myself making notes or house rules for games I’m not actually playing and have no plans to play (I may have a problem). Since I was doing that chunk of the work anyways (usually while watching Mad Men or Better Call Saul, these days), I decided to re-launch this blog. Even if no one else reads it, I figure it’ll give me a chance to nerd-out with some of my friends back home now that Cort’s bested me and I’ve been sent West.

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