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DS4e – An Open Letter

Dear Jeff Mariotte,

I first heard about your forthcoming novel, City Under the Sand, while writing a previous article. I couldn’t remember the name of the woman who had written Rise and Fall of a Dragon King (it was Lynn Abbey, by the way), and hit up the Wikipedia article on the setting. Skimming through the list of novels I saw all the usual suspects – The Prism Pentad by Troy Denning, the Tribe of One trilogy by Simon Hawke, and the Chronicles of Athas by a bunch of talented writers who didn’t feel like doing their research. And there, at the bottom, I saw something that had never been there before. Something thrilling. Something exciting.

New Fiction (2010) – Various Authors.

I am not ashamed to say that I nearly wept at the sight of it. Then pumped my fist in the air, all Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club-style. I promptly went to read the summary of your novel.

I’m pretty fucking excited. Just thought you’d like to know.