City-State on the Road: Vol. I

So today’s entry represents somewhat of a divergence from my typical blogery – because I’m not going to talk about roleplaying, roleplaying games, roleplaying game settings, desert people, elves, dwarves, or anything of the sort. I reserve the right to discuss humans a little bit because, well, dude – there are humans here. If I run into any dragonborn, I guess I’ll talk about them too.

As an aside? I’m typing with my laptop keyboard, with my gigantic salad finger hands. I normally use my wireless keyboard, which is a proper, salad-finger-hands-compatible size. So, there may be typos. I’ll try to deal with them before publishing.

So the territories are awesome – at least the Yukon and Northwest Territories are. I assume Nunavut is too, but I can’t say for certain because I’ve never been there. Over the course of two days I’ve traveled down the entire length of the Dempster Highway (about 736 km), which begins in Inuvik (where I currently live) and ends at Dawson City. Dawson City, if you don’t know, was the center of the Klondike gold rush – and was the largest city in western Canada from 1900-1902. Today it’s got something like 2,500 people living there (less I think, but I’m not going to go fact-hunting this morning). From Dawson City, the Klondike Highway beckoned – and another 500 km later I was in Whitehorse.

The drive was amazing. I’m going to make a couple posts about some cool things when I get a chance, and I have lots of pictures I’ll be uploading later on. But, for now, allow me to give you the Coles’ Notes summary of what I saw on the drive:  six bears (four adults, two cubs) spread over three encounters, one moose/caribou (couldn’t get close enough to tell before it took off), two wolves (one on the other side of the Oglevie River, another big fucker in the road in front of us), a half dozen mountain goats, a burning forest fire (not sure how those pictures turned out), and a metric fucktonne of rivers, mountains and gorgeous natural landscapes. All in all, it was an amazing fucking drive.

I’ll be droppings pictures and some posts about what I saw when the chance arises.